I know, I know. It’s been a month. A MONTH. And I miss you, so!  I’m talking to my blog.   …ahem, followers. Blog followers:)
All 5 of you;) {y’all are the best}

No but for real, I’ve missed this!…this way to express a bit of creativity. It’s even a way to try, succeed, and fail, but be ok with it:)  A way to be an amateur at something, and accept that that’s ok.

Ah, the art of cooking. It never gets old. Here’s why.  1/2 the fun is making it. 1/2 the fun is eating it. It’s just the best hobby.

So this absence of mine…it’s not because my camera broke, or because I haven’t had any food ideas for my Tiny Kitchen…I’ve just hardly been home!

Andy and I are now calling our September 2013, the “Whirlwind Month”.

Cruisin’ the deep seas, swimming the Key West, eating sebastians, scooter-ing Cozumel, subway-ing New York City, hot-dogging Times Square, hipstering Brooklyn, RVing the midwest, birthday-ing Oreo cakes, dancing the wedding dance floors, …this month held it all.
{fyi:  3 scooters + 3 couples + Cozumel = blissful-ness in every way}

But now we’re home.

I always have the itch. To go. To see. To adventure.

But then, the other itch comes around. The home itch. And I’m scratchin’ it…with a pumpkin spice candle burning, mountains outside my window, a fresh breeze rushing through the room, while sitting on my comfy couch.

Colorado. I’ll admit it. I’m in love with you.

I don’t have a recipe today. But I’ll give you a faaiirr warning. You should stock up on some pumpkin. Cause it’s f a l l, my friends. And we’ve got work to do.

from my Tiny Kitchen,

4 thoughts on “H O M E

  1. proud to be one of them 5 :) & dude! My wife & I are totes all about the pumpkin spice candles! We’ve got two and are running low already haha, i forsee some new candles at my place by the time i get home today haha


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