Doppio Con Panna

Hi. My name is Glorie. And I’m a coffee-holic.

But, see this is how it works.  It is not out of necessity. Really, it’s not!  (Except for the headache I get when I DON’T drink coffee, but that’s besides the point)
Truly, coffee doesn’t give me that kick-start in the morning.  Doesn’t give me sleepless nights.

But it’s the comfort. It’s the routine. It’s how delicious the flavor is to me.  It’s like my morning companion, and remains my loyal friend throughout the day.

Anyways, the only point in this blog post is to introduce you to (for those who have not yet met..)  …the “doppio con panna“.
In Italian, it is translated, “a double shot {espresso} with cream”.

My sister, Leah, was a Barista in her early twenties – and a killer one, at that.  She’s the reason I learned of this goodness, so you can thank her later.
The “cream” is whipped cream.  That is all. YUM.

If you make this at home, here’s an easy way:

  • Take a mason jar. Pour in some heavy whipping cream, put on the lid, and shake the living daylights out of it. You’ll get an arm workout, but you’ll notice when it starts to thicken like actual whipping cream.
  • Then, squeeze in some honey, and a bloop of vanilla extract. Shake a bit more.
  • Finally…make espresso. Spoon a dollop of whipped cream on top. Ta-da.

I’ll warn you, it’s not for the faint at heart. This is mud. But like the “delicacy” type of mud. Sometimes when I sip it, it makes me do the face. You know…the ugly, “whew that was strong” face.  But it’s GOOD.

(or just go to The Principles Office downtown Colorado Springs, order one there)

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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