Iced Mint Limeade

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It is Sunday. So, naturally, I’m hunkered down in my cushy old stained white chair, by my open kitchen window with the first-pour-of-the-morning-French-Press, and a breakfast bowl of sweet ruby red strawberries.  Today is about no rules, no agendas, and no dishes.  Yes naping, yes reading, yes food.
It’s also been raining outside for the last 24 hours, so THAT SMELL. Wet pavement, mixed with summer’s humid crisp cool morning air.  Yes please.

Earlier in the week, we had some reeaally hot summer days.  That’s when I made this limeade. Cause I was bored with water.
Minimal effort…Great rewards.  Someone please tell me why life isn’t generally like that?  HA. Oh well, at least this drink is.

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1 1/2 cups water
juice from 1 big lime
organic stevia extract **
6-7 mint leaves, ripped into small pieces
mason jar & ice cubes

**Stevia extract is STRONG: I used the tip of a knife – approx. 1/16ish – 1/8ish tsp if you must know.. OR use whatever sweetener you like:)  (FYI:  IF you use honey, you’ll need to dissolve it first in hot water. Honey won’t blend into a cold beverage.)

Rip up your mint leaves and squeeze every last bit of tart juice you can from your lime. Ice, water, stevia…SHAKE.
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The mason jar gets frosty from the iced goodness on the inside.. I find it best to use a straw so you don’t get big mouthfuls of mint leaves when you try to sip it… unless that’s your thing?

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Cheers to summer!

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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