The Happy Pasta

Today, all the windows in our 3rd floor apartment are wide open, and this extraordinary mountain air fills every corner of our home. The suns heat is beaming strong through my kitchen windows;  it feels and smells like the fragrance of Spring.  Way to trick us, February.  But I’m not complaining!

I couldn’t have picked a better day to be off work.  Andy and I beat the sun this morning, thanks to our alarm clock.  With such a rejuvenating early start, I decided to make a lunch plate that was analogous to how this day made me feel; paralleling the fresh Spring-like sentiments and emotions.
What came about, was a simple pasta dish I created, called The Happy Pasta.
When it comes to titles, I like to keep it real, yo.

Ok, also. I have more than one picture today.. Success! : )

I believe that when it comes to “freshness” – sometimes less is more.
Here are the ingredients I used.
I boiled whole wheat pasta, “al dente”.
And combined it with the following contents together in a bowl:
olive oil
lemon juice
salt & pep
black beans (drained)
chopped tomatoes & broccoli
feta cheese
chili powder
After dishing it out on a plate, I speckled the top with chili powder.
It makes it both pretty AND delicious!

Andy even returned for seconds..
That speaks more clearly to me than “hey babe, this is delicious”
And that makes me happy. Hence the title: )


from my Tiny Kitchen,


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