Simple Poached Eggs

My apron is to me, what Superman’s cape is to him. It’s like it gives me magic cooking powers in the kitchen. Whether or not that is true, it’s certainly how I feel.  Never mind that I’m 25 years old – I like to pretend. Just like when I was 5 and had a fake mini kitchen in my bedroom.

I started collecting aprons a few years ago. My assortment is strung on a clothesline, by the window in my kitchen.

This here, is my current favorite. The one I wear the most.

First of all, it’s Yellow. Which is my most beloved color:) It is blissful and bright, and when I wear it, that’s precisely how I feel. Second, it’s from Anthropologie. And who doesn’t like that store? Third, Andy bought it for my 25th birthday gift last year. It is charming and lovely. I think I’ll keep it forever.

And since we are on a “yellow” theme, I present to you, one of my favorite quick breakfasts:  Poached Eggs.
To some, this photo looks delicious. To others, not so much. I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about poached eggs.

Nonetheless, my personal appreciation for them grew when I watched the delightful movie, Julie and Julia, a couple years ago. Upon her first experience eating an egg (poached), she says, “I thought eggs were gonna be greasy and slimy, but…it tastes like…cheese sauce. Yum.”

Instructions to POACH an egg:

  1. If you have an apron, just go ahead and put it on:)
  2. In a pot, bring water to that point right before it simmers (not a full on boil)
  3. Turn heat down so the bubbles are not too strong (prevent egg from breaking apart)
  4. Stir water to create a “whirlpool” affect
  5. Crack egg into the center of whirlpool
  6. After “whirlpool” slows, gently/intermittently move the water around eggwhite edges to help it stay in the center
  7. After a few minutes, when white looks cooked – use slotted spoon to extract egg from pot
  8. Lay egg on paper napkin to remove excess water
  9. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  10. Make some toast to dip in the yolk!  Or as Julia calls it, “cheese sauce.”DONE!  Easy right?

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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