Spinach Parmesan Quesadillas

Today is the day of love. My morning started with a kiss and a {large} Mimosa from my partner in crime…I mean, in life:)  He’s pretty cool.
But we all know there are many ways to celebrate love. I confess, food has a special place in my heart. So in light of sharing love today, here’s a tasty invention for you to try!

Alright. I’ve got a good one here. Meet one of my best friends.

I did not grow up on these, we typically used flour shells in my family. But I discovered my preference for them just last year. Sometimes for a snack I slap some peanut butter and honey on one.  Other times, I zap one in the microwave for 10 seconds, roll it up, eat it plain.
Me gusta corn tortillas.

Today we’re gonna make a delicious meal with these bad boys.

I like to call them…Sparmadillas.

First, thaw some frozen spinach. (or sauté a little fresh spinach if you have it)

In a bowl, mix about 1-2 TBP pressed garlic with about 1/3 – 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, and just a small dash of salt. (Don’t take my measurements too seriously – because if I was honest, I would tell you I didn’t truly measure. I’ll get better at that, promise. So if you’re comfortable, just ‘eye’ it)

It will look like this.  Sniff it.  It is divine.

Next, grate some Monterey Jack cheese. Chop a tomato and black olives. Open a can of mild green chili’s (or green chili sauce).  It’s gettin serious…

You’re ready!

Skillet should be on a low-medium heat.

Spread a little bit of butter on one side of corn tortilla and place down in skillet.

Next, start with a layer of Monterey, followed by a sprinkle of the garlic/parmesan mixture.

Lay on some chilis, tomatoes, olives – in the amount of your choice!  Generosity is my policy:)
Put on a bunch of spinach. Popeye would be proud.
The next step is important:  sprinkle plenty of chili powder. You’ll be happy you did.

Finish it off with another spoonful of the garlic/parmesan mix, and a handful of Monterey jack. Another tortilla goes on top, with the “buttered” side up. Cover with lid, so that everything inside starts to melt into a gooey amazingness, full of flavor.  After it browns a little, flip it to cook the other side.
Let it cool on a plate for 3 minutes…3 longest minutes of your life.

Then cut it into 4th’s.  I prefer to use a pizza cutter. Cause it’s more fun. Do what you want.  I did. And that’s why it disappeared 5 minutes later.
Voila!  Spinach Parmesan Quesadillas with Green Chili, better known as Sparmadillas.
Happy Love Day, y’all.

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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