Homemade Picnic Basket Assembly

There’s this thing…I call it a “no-reason” gift.  They are basically the best kind of gifts, in my opinion. And should be done more often.  Several years ago, I used to work with a very inspirational man, who was our manager at the time. He used to say to the staff every morning, without fail,  “Hey guys, make sure you do something nice for someone today.”  {{thanks Nelson!!}}

Which leads me to share with you, a little project I like to do from time to time: Homemade Picnic Baskets.
I honestly have never met a human being who doesn’t like picnics. And if I ever did, I would come right up to them, grab their shirt, get in their face and say, “fool of a took”.

Gandolf has always inspired me greatly.

I tease. I’d never do that. But my point is, picnics and people get along well. And for good reason! They are one of the most pleasant activities to do on a beautiful day. It’s a combination of life’s greatest things, all in one place.

Bottle of wine. Cheeeese. Fruit. Crackers. A quilt. Sunshine. A book. A deck of cards. A dog. Sunglasses. Flip flops. CHOCOLATE. And of course, someone you love.

This month, I decided to gather items here and there to assemble a few nice little picnic baskets for dear friends. Found a few baskets at thrift stores, (mama knew I was on the lookout – she discovered my best bargain basket, $3 for the one in the photo!) I bought a blanket here, a quilt there, and lots of snacks and goodies. {two of my favorite places to mosey – World Market & Whole Foods}

I found CUTE organic fruit juice seltzers at World Market

…and this.
Miniature things put a smile on my face.  {World Market}
And preserves go really well with Brie french cheese, fyi.

Once you’ve assembled a delightful package, maybe write a hand written note and leave it all on their front porch.
(& maybe check the forecast for rain!)

“No-reason gift” to the rescue.

A little secret – this whole ordeal will bring you just as much joy as the person receiving…if not more.
from my Tiny Kitchen,

2 thoughts on “Homemade Picnic Basket Assembly

  1. You my friend are a genius!! With cleverly brilliant ideas!! It makes me wanna be cleverly brilliant! So thanks :)!


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