Betty’s Banana Bread

Today is good. It’s been raining. And I love me some earthy scented rain.

I thought I’d follow suit and add another magical scent to the inside of these four walls.
Banana Bread.
You all know I’ve already shared a couple other banana recipes because, well, it just doesn’t get old for me.

This is not my own BB recipe. No, today I introduce to you, the legendary Betty Crocker Cook Book, that every person should own.  The Catarisano ladies got me one when I married Andy. It’s a classic, and it teaches alot of cooking basics:)
Mrs. Crocker did a fabulous job on her recipe.  I swapped out the all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour, added 1 extra egg, and added a little more vanilla. Mine turned out dense and hearty. Do whatchu want.

BUTTERMILK SUBSTITUTE TRICK: some of you already know this – some of you may not. If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, take 1/2 cup Half&Half, add 1 & 1/2 tsp white vinegar OR lemon juice. Let it stand a few minutes. Stir it together. It accomplishes the same purpose as buttermilk in any recipe.

The scent while it bakes is UGHmazing.
I added another magical scent.

Because, who eats banana bread without espresso or something coffee-involved?

You can eat it plain jane, like so…


OR you can put that cute Anthropologie butter dish to use.
Today is good.

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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