S’more School

I attended a day at S’more School this week.

You see, on our camping trip, my darling friend (in this case, referred to as Professor Brianna), taught us her tricks of the trade.

This is her cute blonde self. And her brand spankin’ new husband, Austin.

First of all I must say. Camping with friends in the summer is a must for all people, young and old. It’s truly living. I felt alive this week when we were out in the mountain air, by the lake, engulfed in the stench of campfire smoke.  Mind you, it takes three showers to get that smell out of my hair. But it matters not. I love it:)
And I’m sorry for whoever I hugged at church yesterday.

So here’s what I learned in S’more School.

Professor Brianna says “First, you take a graham, and smother it with PEANUT BUTTER..”
At this point in class, I raised my hand, but not because I had a question. Praises.

Then you top that with your chocolate. But in S’more School, we did not have Hersheys. No. We had Belgium freaking chocolate from our incredibly cute Belgium friend, Ev.  She brought them from the B-land, and yes – they do make the BEST S’mores.

Since you want these two ingredients to get melt-y together, set it close to the campfire, but not right above it.

In the meantime, it’s time to roast that mellow.

Are you a black charcoaled mellow fan? Do it.
Are you a cook-it-slow-til-it’s-brown fan? Do it.

Once that miracle-sandwich was introduced to my mouth, I forgot about taking a photo of the complete product. I was caught up in the moment, and I do apologize.

If you make this peanut-butter-belgium-chocolate-graham-sandwich, I promise you’ll be coming back for S’MORE.  {cheesy outro, at it’s finest}

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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