NYC Bound

HELLOOO strangers!  To say the last month has been crazy would be an understatement.  I’ve missed sharing goodies with you and SO excited to be back at it again, here in my Tiny Kitchen.

I must say, Christmas 2013 was one of the best we’ve had to date.   There were special celebrations with my family, here in Colorado Springs, CO, as well as my husband’s family in Denver, CO.  All of his relatives from Argentina, commenced here for a big family reunion in December. It was a jubilant, laughter filled, Spanish speaking week, which I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. To fall in love with people you’ve only just met, and hardly have the ability to converse with, is a marvelous wonder I cannot explain. Maybe sometimes we can “say” more with a longer embrace, than a handful of words.  Andy and I are both blessed with incredible families, and couldn’t ask for more.

In other exciting news, 2014 brings on a new adventure for us Catarisanos. We are moving to New York City, this Spring!

We are thankful that life is full of risk and courage, adventure and beauty. We’ve had this idea rolling around in both of us for some time now.  Sometimes in life, you just gotta pull the trigger.  What-if’s and regrets…ain’t nobody got time for that. Why dream of adventure, yet never take it?  You don’t have to have everything figured out all at once; you just have to be brave. But this is living!  (..this is mostly a pep talk. for myself. thanks for listening.)
Here’s what we’re learning. If you feel a nudge in your heart, and it won’t go away – then t r y it.  If fear is the only reason you’re not doing it, then do it afraid.

In the same breath as I say I am nervous for such a huge life change, I’m also beyond thrilled, excited, and full of wonder.  It could be short and temporary, or it could be long and permanent.  Typically in life we don’t have all the answers we want, when we want them. We’re entering this chapter with open hearts. Personally we think God is much better at unfolding the pages, than we are. I’m just really thankful Andy and I are together in this. He’s my best friend; my teammate for life.

In answer to many questions regarding our decision.. in a nutshell, this move involves Andy’s film career, among many other reasons.  Needless to say, I’m proud of him. I could write a thick book about how proud I am of him.  I’ll save that for later.

For the next couple of months, we’re in preparation mode for our move. Thank you to everyone, friends and family, who have been so supportive and encouraging to both of us, as well as excited for us.  We hope to see and spend time with as many of you as we can, before we head out east.

Once we’re settled in, I plan to continue sharing from my new NYC Tiny Kitchen! – which may even be tiny-er than this all started:)

Stay tuned for tasties and recipes coming soon!

from my Tiny Kitchen,

{ photo credit: Colleen O’Brien }


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