Peach Honey Goat Cheese Stacks

…recipe below, after a brief life interlude:) 

LONG STORY, real short:  apartment shopping in NYC is a five letter word.

The city doesn’t go easy on newcomers:) Yet, we have been so blessed with friends here who have treated us like family, making us feel welcome, through our transition. It’s a physically and emotionally draining process.  I took a nap yesterday (which is rare for me) and I’m not so convinced it was ‘physical’ fatigue. It was a mind/heart nap, if there is such a thing, ha.

But in reality, as I woke up this morning, I only have gratefulness in my heart. Today marks 1 month, living here.
We don’t have control over everything in life: people cope with that reality in different ways – for me, I cling to God. And celebrate the incredible month it has been!

My sister, Leah, visited us this past weekend for less than 2 days – too short, but SO sweet!  We had an amazing time!
The memories we made and the time we shared, is now one of the most special sister memories of my life so far. I needed her more than I realized, and as her train pulled away I knew I would miss her continuously until I see her again.

In other news, today marks the 3rd week at my new job, already!  (time goes SO fast here in the city)  Andy has been collaborating with other filmmakers on an amazing project, Anamoly. See the trailer here.   He has also been apartment shopping, and spinning plates full time. :)  He’s my hero.

Peach Honey Goat Cheese Stacks
Friends, the appetizer I’m sharing today is easy and delicious!  I’ve had limited resources/kitchens/cookware, so my apologies for the lack of recipes coming through my Tiny Kitchen!  This will hopefully change in our near future :)

Lay out some hearty whole grain crackers.  (I just loved the pumpkin seed / sesame seed toppings on these)
Spread a generous amount of soft goat cheese.
Top with a thinly sliced peach or nectarine.
Top a tiny pinch of basil.
Drizzle with honey.


from my Tiny Kitchen,


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