Colorful Italian Pasta Salad

Rookie mistake debut:  this was one of the side dishes I made for Christmas, and found in the fridge the day after Christmas, because I forgot to serve it on Christmas.  Oops.

I even made it all red and green and festive-y.
Oh well – redemptive leftovers to the rescue.

So here is the quick recipe. It’s easy as cake.
My family made a similar rendition of this salad for many parties or bbq’s when I was younger. Always a hit!

1 package of boiled pasta
15 oz cherry tomatoes, halved
3ish stalks green onion, chopped small
2 handfuls of fresh kale or spinach, chopped
1/2 yellow or red pepper, chopped
8-10 oz salad dressing of choice! (typically we use some kind of italian..or make your own)
salt and pepper to taste

Chill before serving this colorful salad!  Happy 2015, friends!

from my Tiny Kitchen,

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