Homemade Pesto is hard to beat!  I first made it this past summer, using basil from our local Farmers Market.  But lucky for all of us, you can buy basil all year round.

For a dinner like this, it’s bada bing bada boom.  Took me 30 minutes, tops.

12-16oz package of pasta (I used spaghetti quinoa pasta – Trader Joes has a good one)
4-5 chicken breasts, thawed, salt/pep both sides
2 TBSP coconut oil
PESTO, quantity optional (click here for how to make my Almond Parmesan Pesto)
1 TBSP olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Make the pasta as instructed on the box.  Meanwhile, in a large skillet, use the coconut oil (or olive oil) to cook your chicken breasts on medium heat, flipping occasionally until golden brown. I suggest removing the chicken breast after it has cooked for a bit, slice them in half, and place them back in the pan until the inside meat gets a grilled-brown color too. This insures they are completely cooked through the middle before removing them.
While the chicken is cooking you get get to work on the fun part…Almond Parmesan Pesto.  Get creative with quantities, and use a food processor if you prefer not to chop!

After you drain the pasta (don’t rinse quinoa pasta), put it back in the large pot with a 1 TBSP drizzle of olive oil and stir. Toss in chopped bite-sized slivers of chicken, then take a big scoop of pesto and lay it on!  Mix it up and taste it to determine if you need more – cause I say, the more the better, with pesto.
Salt and pepper to taste, and you have yourself a delicious dinner.  Pour a glass of wine, and happy Friday to all!

from my Tiny Kitchen,



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