The Mostly Mango Smoothie

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It’s one of summer’s finest flavors.  The Mango.

I used to dislike them, actually.  I know…what’s wrong with me?!  Then we moved to Hawaii for a few months in 2011.  Listen, compared to the fruit on the “mainland”, fruit on the island is unmatchable.  It’s like comparing Saltine crackers to home-baked-warm-out-of-the-oven focaccia bread.  See what I mean?

So every Sunday, mangos and other tropical fruit filled our little bushels while strolling through the farmers market.  And this is how I fell in love with this delightful fruit.

Trader Joe’s has a delicious bag of frozen chopped mangoes. To which I thank them for, because sometimes cutting a mango is annoying.

Here’s an easy smoothie recipe that I made yesterday!

1 heaping cup frozen mangoes
1/2 cup frozen pineapple (if you don’t have, just add extra mango)
3 dates (take the seeds out!)
1 kiwi, skinned
juice from small lemon or half lemon
1 1/4 (+) cup almond milk
1/4 cup almond pulp (optional, but I like the grainy texture)

Blend on high until it has a smooth creamy consistency. ‘Refreshing’ is an understatement!
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Have a great day at work, friends!  I’m heading to work on Wall Street, today. I’ve been treating at different clinical sites between Brooklyn and Manhattan…even the big CFO’s need their physical therapy:)

It’s almost the weekend, hip horray!

from my Tiny Kitchen,


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