New York City // ONE YEAR

May 2, 2015  –>  Day 365.   *check*


Andy tip-toes into the bedroom last night at 3am, after returning from a short work trip to Baltimore and DC.
I’ve already been sleeping since midnight, and in my half-awake-ness, I hear him say “happy one year, love”.

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How did we get here? Did someone push the fast forward button the moment we boarded that one-way flight? I’m not even kidding – this has been the fastest year of my life.  In ways I did not expect, nor can fully understand just yet, this city is already life changing.  Day after day, new victories, disappointments, excitement, struggle – I find myself here this morning at my kitchen table, listening to the birds outside my opened 4th story window, sipping my Saturday morning pour-over, and all I am is grateful.

In celebratory simplicity, as well as vulnerability, here are some resolves from this year.

– Taking risks is always worth it. Life is short. And fast. Stop worrying.
– It is ok if you forget who you are sometimes – you’ll find her along the way.
– Confidence is a mirror of humility. Perfection is often just a mask. Stop wearing it.
– Security and stability are not the most important things in life. Yes they are smart things. And comfortable things. But reach outside the borders of them and you will find better things.
– It’s not like the movies.
– Be patient with life and how it unfolds.
– If you’re tired, slow down.
– MAKE YOURSELF slow down.
– LOVE the one you love. Intentionally. Actively. On purpose.
– Enjoy the ride. It’s called “Life“. It doesn’t stop. It goes upside down sometimes, and you get dizzy. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and if you get scared, grab the hand of the one sitting next to you.

The “one sitting next to me” has been the best thing about my year.
THIS MAN has my heart and is my hero.  I have never been more in love.
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I’d go on any adventure with you, Mr Catarisano.   Happy one year in NYC.

*I have not included a recipe today, but do not fret:) I will be sharing some fresh spring recipes soon!
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from my Tiny Kitchen,

2 thoughts on “New York City // ONE YEAR

  1. This is so sweet Glorie – I too have loved how moving allows for space to set new patterns and notice new things about myself and my surroundings. Let us know if you all are ever in Austin!


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